Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tired of Waiting

A Gentleman From Germany Wins the Silver in the M70.
Alan Launder, Me & Andrew Custodio

Not much new here. Had lunch with Alan and Jenny today and then we walked over and watched the girls. On the way out I saw a guy from Germany walk in the hotel door caring his pole and wearing a silver medal he had won in the M70 group. He was absolutely beaming so I asked if I could take a photo with him, in part to share his excitement, but also in hopes some of his good fortune might rub off. I saw him tell three hotel employees that he had won a medal. I was truly excited for him and appreciative for the photo op.

Later at the track I found out from Warren Hill that the top guy said there will be no run throughs so that becomes the plan. LOOK, if I have a pole that feels really easy in warm up this is NOT a big deal. Once or twice a year I come out to practice or a meet and just put the bar up with no warm up to prepare for just such an occasions. Yes it would be nice but it won't ruin my day. Start on a small pole, play it safe and then get on with my normal routine. The only difference is that you warm up mainly during the meet instead of before it. BTW - the head meet official said we could have a run through as long as the head guy at the pole vault pit says it's OK. Now we know where that stands. It ain't happening.

I also found out when I picked up my number and "Declared" with my signature that I would compete, that my poles will be brought out to the track for me before I even get there. Then later in the stands I found out that Warren is bringing them out for me. All the better.

I also got a chance to meet "Andrew_C" from PVP ( our community message board up for all pole vaulters. A very nice guy, his coach won the girls meet today. That is pretty cool to meet someone more than half way around the world who I met online on PVP. He and Ben Browder gave me tons of great advice in preparation for this trip and I followed every bit of it. Andrew has also been nice enough to video my jumps tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the big day and I jump at 3 PM, or 11 PM at night at home in Texas. I'm going to have breakfast by 7 AM, get a bath and stretch and then settle into some music and relaxation. I'll walk over to the track about 1 and hand off my camera and then head to the "Call Room" by 1:30. Tomorrow is a busy vault day with divisions scheduled for 9 AM, 11AM, 1 PM and then ours, the final vaulting of these Games, at 3 PM. As we say - practice like you compete and compete like you practice. That means there is no rocket science to my approach to warm up and jumping. Just do it exactly like I do every other day.

Thanks again for all of your interest and support. I'm scared as hell but also quite confident I'll be OK. The warm up will answer any lingering questions I may have and I will have Alan there for me too so I should be set. Thanks again!! I'll report back as soon as I can. In 1997, to Worlds in South Africa, I wore a T-Shirt with Bart Simpson pole vaulting on a bent pencil. The caption said "Shut Up & Vault!!" And I will. Bubba

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