Monday, October 5, 2009

Poles Arrive in Oz + End of the Grind

Both of these are joyous topics since I leave on Wednesday. I have a run/bars/stretch tomorrow and a stretch on Wednesday before I go. Today I did a "Strength Test" to see how I have progressed in the past nearly eight weeks since we started this little journey. My weight this morning was 171.5 which is where I want it on the competition day. My bench press improved 20+ lbs. to 250. I say 20+ lbs. because I made 250 quite easily but didn't see the point in trying 260 and risking injury. I also moved up 10 lbs. on my hang clean to 185. Of course these numbers are relative as some guys smaller than me lift much more (Dan West) and some bigger guys lift less. So relative to me these are very good marks. SO, the grind is officially over. It's time to think rest, refresh the mind and prepare to focus on the upcoming tasks. Total weight lifted for this blog is 717,995 and exactly 500 weighted high bar exercises.

The Poles Arrived!!
If you have been tracking the shipping as I have you see that they arrived at 11 AM on 10/3, even though that didn't show up until this morning. Bruce Caldwell says that they will be taken to the venue on the 7th, the day I leave. Since I lose a day by crossing the International Dateline, I leave Wednesday and arrive Friday. Even funnier, when I come back I arrive at LA only two hours after I left Sydney. Since I arrive at 8:25 AM and can't get into my hotel until 2 PM, I'll get credentialed and go find the poles and make sure they aren't broken or need to be re-taped because of any fumigation stuff they sprayed in the tube.

Ben Browder gave me tons of invaluable info for this trip and especially eating choices. It's not like there will be an Outback on every corner. Although I did eat at one last night for my dad's 78th birthday. Sounds like it will be pretty easy as far as nutritional needs and desires go. I'll be staying at the Novatel - Olympic Park which is literally right across the street from the stadium. If you watch their website photos under dining they show a view of the stadium from one of the restaurants. That's awesome to be so close. Not only that, but credentialed athletes also get free use of the train systems. Not that I will be doing much wandering around but it's nice to have options. I'm very much a "hang out in the room" and watch TV, read, work on the computer, etc. type guy. I'm there to take care of business but I'll enjoy looking around on Saturday when I go to the harbor area with Phillip.

That's it for today. Got mostly packed yesterday and will do some more today. We're getting to that point where there's nothing left to do but to do it - my favorite part. As always, thanks for being here! Bubba

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