Friday, October 16, 2009

The End - For Now

Well I made it home after about 28 hours after leaving my hotel in Sydney. I told Nancy at dinner last night that this is the least beat up that I have been after a big meet. I'm not sure what that means but I like it. I do know that the 4m (13' 1 1/2") jump was on the biggest pole I have used since my return in 2005 (14'/178/15.7)and I can't wait to get back on it and try it's bigger brothers. Normally bigger poles beat you up more so I'm pleased I feel good.

I dropped by and saw June at the hospital and they will move her to a rehab hospital for three weeks today. That's a very good sign that things are moving that fast.

I wanted to clarify the explanation on the "Doping Control". Because of the size of this event it had been rumored that the doping tests would be more of a threat than a reality in order to "look good" in their efforts. A bark with no bite. Normally this would be a non-story or factor except that it was very visible, whereas at our own National meets you know it's there, but unless you got selected, you don't really see it. At these Games we even had to sign documents agreeing to be tested twice, once upon entry and another time upon declaration. I guess we'll wait and see how many positives come up to see if it worked. The difference and reason for the mention is how visible the testing efforts were as we just aren't used to actually "seeing" it even though it's always there.

OK, this will sound stupid but I'm a realist to I can tell you that within the next month my mind will go into the mode, "that was nice, congrats, but what have you done lately". That is why I'm going to end this chapter of the story here. I'm not quite certain what is next and I want to start with a clean goal. What I THINK will happen is that I will vault on March 5, at the World Masters Athletics Indoor Championships in Kamloops, BC, Canada, followed by USA Track & Field Indoor Championships in Boston on the third week of March. So two HUGE meets within two weeks of each other. That will really take some planning and coordination. Not to mention that I will be another year older and some stiff new competition enters my age group.

After these meets the next big things are World Outdoor Athletics in 2011 in Sacramento and the National Senior Games in the same year right here in Houston. These meets may be nearly impossible to medal at because I will then be the oldest in my group with a very deep field of young studs coming in. But that's exactly why I will train my butt off to defy those odds. Besides, that just sets me up for my next big goals.

All of this said, my true next goals are in 2013 when I will have two huge meets the same summer that I turn 60 and become the youngest in my group. The meet I just left in Sydney will be in Italy and the World Masters Athletics will be in Brazil. That year I will hit both.

In closing I want to again express my sincere thanks for coming along on this ride with me. I truly hope you felt like part of the team because that's how I feel about you. You were such a great outlet and support through this very trying process and I want you to feel the joy of our victory because it couldn't have happened without all of us. So thanks again and I'll let you know when I'm ready to start blogging for Kamloops/Boston, probably right after the first of the year - even though I start training for it this Sunday. All the best!! Looking forward to working with you again!! Bubba

PS - or local paper is doing an interview with me this morning for an article on the meet so I will make one more post of that link when it comes out.

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  1. Heeeeeey Bubba,
    Congrats once again, World Champ!! Welcome home to a well deserved rest.
    I know it's a trek, but your forgetting about the Summit in Reno. Always a great event, and worth the trip. Hope your trip to Maine is still on.