Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Almost Time to Go

My last chance to get hurt was today and I carefully avoided it. I was scheduled to run 6 X 50m hills with my sled but Kris and I decided that I may need to do a little small pole vault session also. My thinking was that since the meet is a week from today that I may come in TOO rested and maybe feel a little flat. After my sleds I was pretty sure that wouldn't be the case. What I forgot was that I had a very hard leg lifting session just two days ago so I felt like crap. I didn't feel injured or in danger. I just felt like I was running in cement shoes. I warmed up on the runway and took one jump on my smallest 13' pole and stopped. It felt tiny and I felt useless on the runway so it wasn't worth pushing.

Now I'm seriously packing and finishing up on business. The good news is that I don't leave until 6 tomorrow so I don't feel so rushed. The bad news is that I have over four hours in LA before the long flight starts. That's after the 3.5 hours to get to LA. I'll just take it easy and enjoy the trip and try to arrive rested. The total time from take off from Houston to landing in Sydney is 22 hours. When I went to South Africa is was 26 and I survived that.

So thanks for all of your support and best wishes!! That said, as this chapter closes the next one opens. The heat will rise once I get to Sydney and I promise that you will feel it in my posts. For better or worse, I'll let you in. Let's make it a good trip!! Bubba

Here is the link for current local time and weather. So far they are calling for 61 to 75 and rain for next Tuesday. We?ll see.

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  1. Do well for all of us in The Woodlands Pole Vault Club - from Max and the gang