Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Outta Here! + Late Post

I'm wrapping up at warp speed around here this morning. There is too much to do and too little time. I woke up and 4 AM and started the mental list again. Counting the chores must have been like counting sheep because I managed to get back to sleep until 6. The good news is that I'm finished packing so now it's just wrapping up the business stuff.

I'll miss Nancy. She is my heart and soul and my daily light so being without her on this trip will certainly feel like a great loss. We're trying to set times to talk now since the time difference is so much. For the past year she has heard every detail and has offered her opinion every time I ask her about specific turns in the plot to getting ready for this trip. Of course I offered to take her but she says she's never really had the interest to go to Oz and especially isn't fond of the long flight. She's been with me to Hawaii on business twice this year and that's an eight hour flight, plus we just got back from California. I think she will enjoy staying home on this one. Besides, we go to Maine for our annual vacation less than two weeks after I return.

So, I'm off on my "business trip" and will check in where and when I can until I get settled. Thanks again for being here. Please consider yourselves on call as I'm certain I know I'll need you. Have a great day! Bubba

PS - I forgot to mention that my flight IS the flight for the World Masters Games. The tour company with the exclusive rights says that everyone flying with them from the USA for these Games will be on this flight. All from Canada are leaving out of Vancouver - also today I think. That means I should recognize quite a few people, at least from our sport. Less boring that way.

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