Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday Looks VERY Busy

Yes - that is the Olympic flame. It has a misty water spray that comes out the sides of the platform. Looks AWESOME at night!!
View of the track from my room.
View of the main stadium from my room.

The post below was written yesterday. It seems my day is broken up into two parts because of my time here and when Nancy and you guys are awake and asleep. I didn't post it because I just didn't feel like going to the lobby and setting up the wireless again as it was such a zoo there was no place to sit. Now that events are going on every day people are busy and coming and going rather than everyone hanging out. The Homebush Brewery and Tavern downstairs is beer garden central. Homebush is the name of the area where Olympic Park is located. WOW - tons of athletes and families ending their afternoons outside with a beer. Since there is no iced tea here I seem to be stuck with water or Diet Coke. Small price to pay to spend some time in paradise.

Just saw they started some big road race down the main street by the stadium. Activity EVERYWHERE!! It's 6:45 AM and they have already uncovered the vault pit. Heading over soon. Opening Ceremonies tonight. Bubba

Post #2 for Saturday - Changes
The hotel called and offered to change my room so I would have broadband by cable in my room instead of having to go down to the lobby to pay for wireless. Well, it didn't work, BUT - the view is great as I'm on the other side of the hotel so I look right over at the track and Olympic Stadium. I can actually see the vault runway and pit. Also I have a deep bathtub whereas before I only had a shower. A very nice change. The hotel staff is "instant" when they tell you they will do something. I've had people at my door less than two minutes from when they say that someone will come up. The beds are also super comfortable. A really nice home away from home.

Of course I'll be watching out my window at the new view all of the time but right now the track has a very nice tailwind. Phillip said that would happen as it continues to warm up. There isn't anyone vaulting now but there was when we went over earlier. I didn't stay around long enough but they looked pretty young. One guy had some big old fat Pacer IIIs from the 70s that looked like they had been cut off to about 14'. Tomorrow at 9 is the first vault competition (M65) so I'll go check it out. At 12:35 the Women over 50 vault. BTW - the event has started so I can hear the PA announcers at the different stadiums. This reminds me of when I was in Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics. We were at the practice track almost a 1/2 mile away and could hear the cheers and announcements.

My friend, the famous coach/author, Alan Launder is coming to coach me from Adelaide, in Western Australia. We will have lunch together tomorrow and walk through a plan. I'm real comfortable with whatever happens with the weather at this point. That's why I brought seven poles. Still, we will discuss the different plans and then just wait for the event.
Today I did some strides and a long stretch and that felt very good. I've walked so much that it really help to shake me out from the long flight, but now it's time to conserve and stay off of my feet. I like that I felt good because many times too much walking makes you flat. So game on for Tuesday. Daily stretching to my music will keep my head in the right place. I'll go watch the other vault comps and keep looking out the window. What a powerful reminder for why I'm here - right out my window.

One follow up I forgot to mention - I went with Phillip to pick up his credentials and he was out in less than 10 minutes as there was hardly any line. Go figure. Phillip is a very accomplished artist and had several pieces on display at the track. I'll look for his website art link and post it for you. I also met his wife and young daughter. He's just a super guy and they make a very nice family.

Also as I look out my window, to the right of the Athletic Center where the track and field events are held, is a large trapeze set up that people are practicing on right now. I'll check that out up close tomorrow. Maybe on Wednesday I can get in there with someone.

That's it - just a short addition from this morning's post. Bubba

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