Friday, October 2, 2009

Thanks Again!!

I got an email from my buddy Dan West yesterday telling me that he thinks he hit his training too hard last week and now he's starting to feel rundown and like he may be coming down with something. Today I suddenly felt exactly the same way. I didn't sleep well last night and even though I felt fairly strong (not Dan strong) I too was feeling rundown and still have somewhat of an upset stomach. Then I remembered my joke about the Swine Flu yesterday. I can't afford to ignore the little things at this point. This is a perfect example of why I'm writing this blog. I promise you that had I not gotten that email from Dan that I would have attempted to power through the scheduled workout and risked injury or sickness. I dropped my last two sets and skipped the ab work though I did all of my stretching and bars. Thanks Dan! A great reminder to listen to our bodies.

With all of this said I still am somewhat lethargic about these last few sessions but I can't allow myself to be. I'm supposed to vault the last time Sunday but we're showing an 80% chance of rain. If that happens I'll just skip the rotation and hit the gym. I have three more workouts before I catch the plane - Sunday - vault, run hills w/sled, bars, lift lower, Monday - lift upper + long stretch, and Tuesday - 6 X 50m hill with sled and stretch. I'll run hills in the rain but that would screw up some of the bars. Like DJ says, at this point I can't do anything to get stronger or faster so just let it go and don't sweat it. Of course I'll report back here whatever happens.

Hey Ben - what can you tell me about eating in Oz? It's never crossed my mind before today but I guess I had better consider what the locals eat. I know that Vegimite is out of the question. When I had Aussie's Simon Arkell and Adam Steinhardt staying with me before the 1992 Olympics Games, Adam would eat cereal with orange juice on it instead of milk. I don't know what other food mysteries or options will be available. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't got the suitcase out but I have started thinking about packing. It shouldn't be too hard since the weather is pretty comfortable. I think I'll take one pair of pants to hide my special socks for the flight. No need looking older or more like a tourist than I already do. I remember living at the beach in Southern California that the tourists really stand out. I'm sure I will too.

That's it from here. Thanks again for being there and supporting me! Bubba

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